Three cons + Four Issues = Seven Shades!

We’re making three convention appearances this year and there will be new issues of Seven Shades at each one.

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Issue 1 and 2 made their debut at the Cardiff Independent Comic Expo, Issue 3 will be released into the wild at ICE in Birmingham on Saturday 15th September and Issue 4, which concludes our opening story arc, lands at Thought Bubble in Leeds.

Dave and Pete will both be at ICE and Dave will be with our publisher Deadstar at Thought Bubble.  If you aren’t able to attend these conventions, Deadstar will be attending a number of other cons in 2018 and of course you can buy direct from the Deadstar website too.

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Seven Shades launched in Cardiff

Messrs Clifford and Rogers, along with Dexter’s Half Dozen co-creator and writer Jamie Lambert attended the Cardiff Independent Comic Expo last Saturday. The 10th anniversary issue of Dexter’s debuted at the show along with Issue 1 & 2 of Seven Shades.

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The book sold well and most people picked up both issues, which got them a free set of four stickers (one for each of the first arc’s covers). Our esteemed publisher Deadstar have also begun shopping copies to anyone who pre-ordered online. 

Feedback so far has been good and we’re excited to launch more issues later this year. We’re also adding a letters page to Issue 4, so if you’ve already read our first two issues we’d love to hear from you. Or maybe you want to send some fan art for us to share. Get in touch via our contact page or add a comment here. 

Seven Shades of giveaways!

We’re moseying on over to our friendly neighbourhood comic convention very soon. Come along to see us at Cardiff Independent Comic Expo on Saturday June 2nd where we’ll have Issue 1 and Issue 2 of Seven Shades on sale, along with a series of stickers to showcase the cover art from Issues 1-4.logoCICE2018_PRINT

To celebrate our lovely local launch we’re giving you the chance to get your hands on some very special giveaways by coming to our table…..drum roll please.

Fifteen of the issues selected at random will contain a free sketch from artist Dave Clifford! It’s the next best thing to a golden ticket and

Buy Issue 1 and 2 and get all four stickers completely free!

Buy either issue (though Issue 2 works best with Issue 1) and you’ll be entered into a draw to win this original art. With that on your wall you’ll automatically qualify as Seven Shades’ first super fan.

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Make sure you don’t miss out, get your tickets to CICE here.

Pre-Order Issue 1 now

The cat (and the coyote) are out of the bag, the first four issues of Seven Shades are coming out this year from Deadstar Publishing.  Issue 1 is a bumper 32 pager (with 30 pages of story no less) and you can pre-order it now here.

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